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Fantasy Wedding Dress For the Bride Who Wants a Fairytale Weddin

Fantasy wedding gowns fall in the line of those styles that never fade with time and remain the choicest options for the wannabe brides. Mostly, such fantasy gowns feature in Vintage or Fairytale wedding themes and are characterized by their traditional looks. However, it is not necessary to settle for these themes to have such attire. Any formal wedding arrangement can be combined with Fantasy dresses for the bride and the groom.

Fantasy Wedding Gown Features Following are some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Fantasy wedding gowns:

Fall and Designing Fantasy gowns are bulky in the terms of dress material as well as designing. This is to add a touch of 'royalty' to the attire. They have fuller cuts and flowing full-length skirts. Ball gowns are predictably, the most popular choice, closely followed by A-line dresses. The basic cuts are chosen according to the body type, including shape and height. For instance, a full rounded gown is not suitable for short heighted brides. A-lines can be used for almost all the types of figures and are great option if you could not keep the commitment of losing those extra kilos! They are therefore better bets if you have to struggle to maintain your body weight. The straighter fall can be made up for by the use of right fabric and embellishments.

Top or Bodice Although, there is not much choice in the fits of the bodice, its length can be used to vary the look of the entire gown. You can get your bodice extended below the waist to show-off your enviable figure. Alternatively, you can choose a medium length design with accessories to hide away your extra fat.

Sleeves and Necklines The range of options includes the modern ones, like off shoulder, strapless, halter, and noodle-straps. Nevertheless, a combination of the vintage style rounded or V-necks, in combination with puffed or free flowing sleeves gives the 'true' fantasy look to your attire.

Fabric Fabrics for such gowns are usually the richer ones, such as silk, satins, tulle, and chiffons. Simpler dress material like cottons can also be used with adornments and other 'richer' fabrics to add that fairytale appeal to your dream dress.

Accessories Do not forget long trains and cathedral length veils, without which, any fantasy dress would look incomplete. Sparkling jewelry, beads & studs, bouquet, stones, etc are also used with these gowns to add flamboyance.

Price If price is any issue for you, do not lose hope. Take heart in the fact that if you are aware enough, you can still land up an attractive deal vis-à-vis discounts or a used dress. These options allow you an access to the designer wears, which otherwise would be distant dreams.

No matter what you pick up, the first step begins with planning. Even before you embark upon the planning process, let your imagination flow freely.