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Freelance SEO Article Writer - 5 Ways to Get on Top

This article is for those SEO article writers who are making money by writing articles for other people. If you're one of them, I bet that you're now feeling the cutthroat competition in this field. Well, this is because there are now hundreds of people who are offering the same service and their number is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The question now is, how can you outplay them? Find the answers below:

1. Don't stop improving your skills. As you're going up against a lot of people, it's very important that you have an edge over them. Invest time and energy in improving the skills you need in producing high quality SEO articles. These include writing, research, proofreading, SEO, and editing skills. Aside from everyday practice, it will also help if you get effective tips from experts and if you attend seminars that fit your skill level.

2. Always strive for excellence. Don't be one of those people who get content with mediocre articles. To easily impress your clients, make sure that you always offer them nothing but the best. Making this happen might not be easy all the time. This will require patience, determination, and perseverance but you can be assured that it will worth it. You see, when you strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction, your clients will not only do business with you again in the future but they will also most likely to recommend your services to their friends and family members. This is the best way to drive more business to your doorstep.

3. Be open for feedback. Never take any feedback negatively. Keep in mind that these will help you become more effective writer. Encourage your clients to give you comments after the project and to help you figure out your areas of opportunities. Then, look for ways on how you can improve on them. Your clients will surely appreciate it if you can take bad feedback very well.

4. Always listen to your clients. Before you start any article writing project, make sure that you know and understand all the details even the smallest one. If possible, talk to your clients through phone. Restate their instructions and seek an agreement. This may take some time but you know it's worth it. It will save you from doing a lot of revisions later on.

5. Be willing to offer more. Your customers will surely love you if you take the initiative to give them more than what they're paying you. For example, you can offer to revise their articles up to 3 times or until they're completely satisfied or you can include more information by doing in-depth research. You would want to be known as somebody who's willing to go that extra mile to give your clients superb articles. If you can make this happen, I can guarantee you that clients will line up to your doorsteps to get your services.