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New Asics x Vivienne Westwood outlet Collection Film Makes Us Want to Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

There are a few things that have been particularly noticeably absent from our daily lives since going into lockdown last spring. For one, enough space to dance / oscillate wildly the way we really want to, especially right now. The other, well…we just miss our trips to Dear Old Blighty, which are utterly necessary to feed our pretty much insatiable Anglophilia.

As to the first, admittedly, there are no immediate plans to install a club-worthy dancefloor in our living space. But choreographer Holly Blakely‘s new campaign film for the latest Asics x Vivienne Westwood collection is just the inspirational hit of mad abandon we need right now, and just enough cheeky Britishness to make us forget for a bit that we won’t actually be landing in London any time soon.

Created to promote the two brands’ recent collab on the GEL-KAYANO 27 LTX shoe, Blakely directs a trio of dancers, decked out in head-to-toe Westwood, with the overall sartorial vibe perhaps being best described as “glam harlequin punk.” Behind them is a backdrop of majestic – but unidentified – mountain scenery; yet the camera makes no attempt to proffer the illusion that the three are actually dancing on a mountaintop. Just beyond the borders of the fake scenery are massive, and also surely faux boulders, seemingly randomly placed, and looking a bit like debris from the eruption of Vesuvius onto ancient Pompeii.

The zippers and rubber detailing of the shoes themselves are meant to reference Westwood and partner-in-provocation Malcolm McLaren’s legendary King’s Road shop SEX. And if we might say, it’s an influence that genuinely and truly never gets old.

“I really wanted to capture the mischief I see so intrinsic to Westwood’s world with our film,” Blakely enthuses, “as well as imagine the terrains in which [the shoes] could operate. There is an agility to them, a practicality that offered room for choreographic play and in a sense a lightness. There then lay this game between the swift and the bright, and that became the heart of what we created, the dancers shifting and moving and operating always in color.”

And considering the situation, please feel utterly free to attempt this at home.