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Options For Custom Picture Frames In East Hampton, NY

When you go to frame a picture or painting and you head to your local home improvement store, there are a lot of frames to choose from, but when you really think about it, you really do not have that many choices in one particular size. You might be able to pick from light wood or dark wood, silver or gold finish, and either a thick or thin edge, but if you want something really radically different you have to walk out of that store and find yourself a store that will make custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY for you.

When you have a chance to actually purchase custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY, your choices are practically limitless. First of all, you can pick from hundreds of different styles for the main part of the frame. A custom frame shop will offer different wood choices from the very darkest of deep mahoganies to the lightest of birches. You can have them natural or stained, painted, or just pol This allows you to easily match wood trim already in your house or match other pictures you already have hanging. It also allows you to truly match the mood of the artwork. Imagine the fun if you had a picture of your kids at summer camp and you put it into a rough-hewn wood frame that looks like it just came out of the forest. Or imagine instead you have a picture of your concert-pianist aunt sitting at a black grand piano and you are able to have it framed in black polished wood that draws attention to that beautiful instrument.

When you shop for custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY, you can also pick from the size and type of mat, and some stores will even cut out a particular design on the mat to enhance the photograph or artwork and make it a truly custom piece that will not be duplicated anywhere else. You can sometimes even choose different types of glass, ie, unbreakable, glass with UV protection for your precious items inside, or glass that does not allow much glare off it. This allows you to truly customize your artwork and photographs and turn them into something you would be proud to give as a gift and something that you would be so thrilled to be able to display in your home for all the world to see, or at least all the visitors who come to see you.

You should never limit yourself to frames immediately available at regular stores, especially if you have something truly special to display. Ordering custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY, will allow you to express your own individual tastes and decorating styles.