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The New Bridal: Vivienne Westwood Stands Outlet sale For Brides Who Prioritise Conscience And Craft

uy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.' This iconic statement from the late, great designer Vivienne Westwood likely doesn't appear on as many bridal Pinterest boards as perhaps it should. Nonetheless, Westwood’s offerings, with signature nipped-in waists and masterful draping, are the winner for many modern brides.

Credited with bringing punk spirit and rock iconography to high fashion and known for her outspoken activism, Westwood’s ethos contradicts the excessive consumption the bridal industry is known for. There’s certainly something to be said therefore, for the fact that when brides spend account-shattering sums of money on a dress they’ll not necessarily have the chance to wear again, it’s the quality and lasting appeal of Vivienne Westwood Bridal designs they choose.

Westwood’s ethos contradicts the excessive consumption the bridal industry is known for.

Indeed, this contradiction - and the values Vivienne Westwood stood by - is not lost on the brides she dresses. For some, it’s an important factor in their decision making. 'I've loved Vivienne Westwood and her incomparable designs for as long as I've loved fashion (a very long time),' says writer and creative producer Ellie Robertson, 'but it was knowing my wedding dress was designed by a woman who spent her entire life ardently fighting for some of the most important causes we face that made the decision so easy.'

the new bridal vivienne westwood

The bridal designs are as recognisably structured with an emphasis on corsetry as some of Westwood’s most loved ready-to-wear and couture pieces. Corsets have a long history and complicated reputation - some see them as constricting, cruel, archaic garments, forcing the female form into a silhouette desirable for the male gaze - but the Westwood aim in using corsetry is 'to celebrate the body.' Brigitte Stepputtis, Head of Bridal & Couture at Vivienne Westwood, says: 'The way in which we structure our gowns and drape fabrics accentuates the female form - they are empowering.' Ellie Robertson too, argues, 'Confidence will never, ever go out of style - and I wholeheartedly believe that nothing will make a woman feel more confident than a Westwood corset.'

'Vivienne Westwood designs have the unique ability to feel contemporary and avant-garde, while remaining elegant and timeless,' Stepputtis continues. Robertson further agrees with the brand’s consideration of their work; 'I think what makes her designs so timeless yet still so modern is Westwood's intuitive understanding and appreciation of women's bodies and desires.' Vivienne Westwood continues to create dresses to fit bridal desires even after the loss of the designer herself, following the creative direction of Andreas Kronthaler. The designs draw from both the rich archive of prior collections as well as new or developing silhouettes conceived of by Kronthaler.

One of the most-referenced designs is the ‘Pirate Bride’ from the Vivienne Westwood Spring-Summer 1998 ‘Tied to the Mast’ collection. 'It is a classic silhouette which is an influence on many of our classic bridal looks,' Sepputtis says.

the new bridal vivienne westwood

The Westwood bride knows what she wants. Emily Knight, who leads PR and Brand Partnerships at SHOWstudio, is a longtime fan of the brand, having worn Westwood designs before for major birthdays and celebrations. 'For my wedding, it was a no-brainer I would wear her again,' she says. 'I knew it was going to be the perfect dress to make me feel confident, but even knowing this I really didn't expect how perfect it would make me feel on the day. Looking back on the images there really is nothing I would change.'