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Tweed Caps

Tweed caps have become extremely popular and sales have reportedly soared. Once worn mainly by farmers and country folk, they are now seen all over the cities. Celebrities have helped their cause as the youngsters follow the current fashion trends. From the traditional gent to the suave business man to the fashionable youngster; from city dwellers to country folk - tweed caps are all the fashion.

And it's not just men, women too are adding the tweed cap to their fashion accessory list - and looking good in them! Many are searching out tweed caps for their children although the smaller sizes are not as easy to find.

There are so many different tweeds to choose from, some more typical country tweeds and some less obvious tweeds such as black herringbone or solid colours.

Tweed caps come in different styles and though you may think you know what type want, you'd be surprised at how the other styles might also suit you. The standard flat cap is often the cap of choice, but the braver ones might go for the 8 piece cap or newsboy style cap. If you have a larger face the latter two caps may actually suit you more than the smaller shaped flat cap.

There are also big differences in quality and price. Now caps have really caught on there is the usual competition to have the best. This is not always easy to achieve, especially as so many fashion garments and accessories are made more cheaply, often out of the UK.

If you search around though, there are some smaller cap makers who offer beautiful quality caps which are often sought after. James Dermot caps are all made by hand in the UK with great attention to detail. The UK is known for its tweed it is a real shame that it is now so hard to find producers such as James Dermot who have a real passion for tweed and excellence.

Caps from these smaller manufacturers may be more costly than some high street caps, but due to their quality can last for years. They often have limited production and so are highly prized.

A wide range of tweed caps can be bought online and you may then be able to search out the quality manufacturers more easily. It is not difficult to measure your head - simply use a tape measure around your head in the position where the cap would sit. Many caps are in cm or simply sized from Small to Extra Large. So be brave and add the tweed cap to your list of accessories.