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What Makes a Great Comedian

Comedy is something which can make anyone laugh. The one who creates comedy is not at all an idiot or any foolish person who wants to make fun of himself. He is very intelligent. He is a greatly talented man who is blessed by lord so that he can make anyone laugh. That is a very great talent. The world has seen many great comedians like Johnny Lever, Raju Srivastava, Sunil Pal, Navjot Singh Sidhdhu etc. They make us laugh by telling us hilarious jokes. They can create humor in any serious situation. They can convert a man in a depressed mood to a loudly laughing person. By hearing to their jokes, we become energetic and jolly.

So, what actually makes a good comedian?

Any good comedian may definitely possess three qualities - a good sense of humor, self-confidence and a humorous way of reciting jokes. Anyone possessing these three qualities is already a comedian.

Quality 1 - Sense Of Humor

A good comedian has many qualities. But the most important quality is having a good sense of humor. A good comedian can make a joke out of any topic in no time given to prepare. The style in which they talk is also very funny. We constantly expect them to crack a joke.

You can be a good comedian if you are able to change the environment around you to quite a jolly one.

Quality 2 -Confidence

A good comedian is confident on the jokes he cracks. Even if it is a very poor joke, he may tell it as of it was the best joke ever. This is a very important quality of a comedian. If one lacks this quality, no would laugh even on a very funny joke told by him. This is a very famous quality of Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhdhu. He laughs on the poorest joke, but in a manner that he listened to a world class joke.

So, if you are confident enough about yourself and your jokes, you are already half qualified to become a comedian. Note that possessing only this quality and none of the quality mentioned above will not make you a comedian. People will regard you as a complete idiot, laughing at his own silly jokes. You must have a good sense of humor to become a comedian

Quality 3 - Funny way of reciting jokes

A comedian is incomplete if his way of reciting jokes is not funny. A good comedian may arouse eagerness in the audience to listen to him till the end of the joke. He tells the joke in a uniquely different manner than others.

If you possess the quality of attracting the attention of your audience, you have a good quality that is required to become a great comedian.