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When Running Hurts

There are many different reasons why running hurts. You might be doing something wrong or your running shoes are past due and need to be replaced with something newer and better. Or it is just in your head. Believe me, your mind is a big reason when it comes to running success (or failure). If you have not considered your mind as a factor that plays an important role to your running, then consider yourself lucky.

My first pair of running shoes were some cheap $39.95 Nikes and they were ... well, cheap. They looked good though, really nice design and colors, too. But they were cheap. The cushioning was cheap and thin, but I ran. I started running for 20-25 minutes a session and all was good. I got better and my running sessions increased to 30-35 minutes. Along the way I picked up faster speeds, too. And then my feet and knees started hurting and then I even hurt myself. I continued to run and used Ibuprofen to make the pain go away and that worked for a while, but it was not healthy. It really hurt and I finally decided that it was time to upgrade. My next pair of running shoes was the Nike Air Pegasus 25 and that is my favorite running shoe since. I switched to another Nike shoe that was $20 more expensive than the Nike Air Pegasus 25 at that time, but that was just bad. But I ran with it because I did not want to waste my money. After putting about 700 miles on this shoe I switched to a new pair of Nike Air Pegasus and it was worth it. The pain went away and running became more fun again.

In my case it was easy to identify why running hurts. It might not always be that easy and you have to look around. If you are not dedicated and really ready to run, your mind might play games with you. Believe it or not, but your mind might tell you that something hurts and you do listen to it and decide to skip this run and rather relax on the couch. Did you really analyze what hurt or if you are hurt? Most likely not.

This article is not based on some scientific research. It is based on my own findings as a runner. I enjoy running and I get a lot of mind work done while running. I return relaxed and full of energy when having a successful run under my belt. I listen more closely to my body and what it is trying to tell me. This works in 80% of the cases, but there are still 20% where I am not able to figure it out. My body still hurts. And sometimes I hate myself for still putting on my running shoes and head out for a run. Who knows - maybe I find the answer to my question this time. I am a runner.